Cooperative Virtual Adventures


Working cooperatively as a team can be challenging for many learners. Teamwork requires the ability to express opinions, listen to the opinions and ideas of others, resolve disagreements, accept potential undesirable outcomes, demonstrate flexibility by trying an alternate plan when plan A doesn’t work out, and more!

This program consists of 12 cooperative virtual adventures specifically designed to target all of those skills and more through fun adventures with specific skill targets which are taught, practiced and reinforced.

The program includes behavioral skills training teaching lessons as well as visual supports and data sheets. Cooperative adventures may be played in person, or remotely.

Upon purchase, you will receive login credentials to the Cooperative Virtual Adventures portal to access slides and downloadable supplementary handouts and teaching materials.

This activity is most apropriate for learners developmentally first grade through fifth grade.

The adventures follow a familiar format to help increase independence. Each time the choice icon is displayed, players will submit their votes and share opinions to come to a majority rules decision to move the game forward.