Skilled Socially On site Intensive weekend workshop

in person, hands on, interactive & immersive weekend on all things relationship focused, behavior analytic, trauma informed, neurodiversity affirming play and social skills intervention. This workshop is open to science-minded, compassionate professionals who recognize the critical role social motivation plays in the learning process & believe that everyone deserves to have positive and meaningful relationships in their lives! Join cohort 8: March 9-10, 2024.

How will you be joining us to promote neurodiversity affirming, relationship focused, REsearch Backed social skills development programs in your school or clinic?

To date, Mission Cognition has trained more than 1,400 professionals supporting thousands of families from 49 U.S states and across 6 continents through combinations of webinars, workshops, courses, 1:1 or agency wide consultation and coaching, as well as bi-annual Skilled Socially Intensive Weekend Workshop.

This was so amazing, thank you. I purchased the slides but being able to see how you run them helps tremendously.


“Great training with so many great ideas for engagement. Highly recommend”


Hi! First, thank you for the social skills training. It was awesome! I am so excited to try it with my students!

Awesome thank you so much the training was awesome today !

Heard about you from a great behavior analyst colleague. Love the play and social emphasis and very much appreciated all of the ideas about increasing interaction during online teaching.

This company is my absolute favorite for social skills everything. You’ll love them as much as I do! 🙂

It was really engaging and allowed me to think about certain clients and how I can change my behavior to benefit our interactions!