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Play & Social Groups

  • Preschool Developmental Playgroups
  • Early Childhood Social Groups
  • Adolescent Social Groups
  • Teen & Young Adult Social, Leisure & Life Skills Groups 




Professional Development

  • Master Classes: SI-GFA & Social Groups
  • On Demand Webinars
  • Annual Intensive Weekend
  • Custom Training Events For School Districts, Agencies, Organizations
  • Professional Consultation & Coaching Packages

Assessment & Curricula

  • Social Interaction Global Focus Area Assessment Package (SI-GFA)
  • MC Early Childhood Play Based Social Learning Program (EC-PBSL)
  • Social Lesson & Activity Plans for use in your own schools & clinics!





What Clients Are Saying …

My son has been attending the Tuesdays Teen social group regularly. It has been a very positive experience for us. His therapists are wonderful and he has made huge progress within the class. He is made to feel totally welcomed and comfortable, truly a part of the group. The games are fun and engaging. He enjoys his sessions immensely. He also enjoys and looks forward to their outings in the community. I would happily recommend Mission Cognition and the programs to anyone.

My son with autism has been going to this class for the past five years and trust me he would not miss any chance of going. He has transformed from a boy who needs full support in order to participate only a short period, to a boy who needs no support and participates 100%. He always has big smiles when I pick him up and always talking more and we could see him more and more open and behaving more socially in other settings. Over the years there are always issues to work on and Ms Ashley and the team are always willing to go the extra miles to help to guide him. We think this is the best social skill class out there, period!

Parent of 12 year old

The staff are extremely flexible and responsive to individual needs of the children and help facilitate unity and cooperation through learning and by implementing strategies that support social and emotional development.

Parent of a 9 year old 

What an awesome program, it’s helped our son and family over the past five and a half years so much!

Parents of 18 year old

My son is LOVES mission cognition! He wakes up everyday asking if it’s a Mission Cognition day and is so disappointed when it’s not. 

Parent, 8 year old

My child’s language has exploded since starting Mission Cognition’s playgroup program. Even the bus driver has commented on how much more talkative my child is and interested in interacting

Parent, 5 year old

I didn’t know if my son would be successful in a group without a 1:1 due to constant need for supervision in other settings. He’s thriving at MC! The expectations and activities are developmentally appropriate. He’s learning so much and  just thinks it’s all play!

Parent, 7 year old

He is so excited to grow to group every week to see friends and teachers.Team MC is a life changer!!!

Parent, 9 year old

This program has not only improved my autistic daughter’s social skills, but has become her favorite activity of the week! She asks if it’s a group day every morning when she wakes up! They are so thoughtful with their themes each week- creating a fun and structured environment for every child’s individual needs. Parent, 5 year old

This is the first place I have ever been able to drop my child off at. I can’t believe how he started walking in on his own after only week 2. He’s so happy and so are we!

Parent, 3 year old

I’ll be forever thankful to you for being there for my son in the toughest days of our life. It was you that got us through that time and I will be forever humbled by your kindness. We have no words to express how much we value your support, guidance and everything you have done for our son and our family . Thank you so much Ashley and the entire team of Mission Cognition.

Parent, 20 yr old

My 9 year old son has been attending for the last 2 years and has blossomed in to a chatter box who engages friends and family in conversation. He is no longer afraid of being called on in school by his teachers or answer in a large group.

Parent, 9 year old