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MC Early Childhood Play Based Social Learning Program



Social Interaction Global Focus Area Assessment Manual


Professional Development:

Hop on the webinars below to better understand the Mission Cognition Global Focus Area model of assessment and intervention

to set a strong foundation for high quality treatment fidelity through conceptualization, implementation, and facilitation.

The level A, B, and C indicate that these webinars are appropriate for professionals supporting early, intermediate, and nuanced learners


SeL Booklets

Download and use these social emotional learning (SEL) books in your homes, schools, or clinics. The Early Childhood booklet includes 10 skills such as sharing with friends, taking turns, asking for help, and naming feelings. as well as 26 page facilitator guide with visual supports and a break down of component skills for behavioral skills training (BST) lessons and role plays.

The Middle Childhood/Adolescent book highlights 7 skills including self regulation, recognizing mistakes and feedback as tools for learning, and resolving conflicts.  In Mission Cognition social skills groups, these SEL books are utilized during friendship / arrival meetings. Group participants engage in choral responding and participate in short role plays to demonstrate skill use, with the SEL book as a guide.

The SEL books are designed to be utilized alongside comprehensive behavioral skills training lessons and application activities for each of the specific target skills and domain areas. Additional supplementary materials to create comprehensive lessons are found under the corresponding global focus areas are found in the resource library below (sportsmanship, self regulation, adaptability & flexibility, etc). 


Downloadable Resources by Social Domain(GFA)

Mission Cognition’s Relationship Focused, Neurodiversity Affirming, Evidence-Based Approach to play and social behavior assessment and intervention is based on a model of social domains (global focus areas: GFAs). The vague, complex, and abstract label of “social skills” has been broken down into 15 global focus areas to support you in more comprehensively assessing social behaviors, identifying areas of strength and need, and developing an individualized learner support plan.

To most effectively and efficiently guide your resource selections from the social domain core activity menu below, completion of the Social Interaction-Global Focus Area (SI-GFA) Assessment tool, is recommended. The tool identifies 3-5 priority global focus areas to target for each learner. Skills in these areas have been identified through assessment as developmentally appropriate, functional, meaningful, and relevant to the learner as an individual. Being equipped with this information allows you to select resources aligned with the facilitation of target skills within each priority area. 

Each global focus area is aligned with a set of GFA Core Activities, which have been specifically created to facilitate the development of target skills which have been identified as functional, meaningful and relevant. Browse and download the core activities here for immediate use with your learners.

Browse the resources below to select ala carte options to support your children’s, students’, or clients’ social emotional learning goals.

 If interested in comprehensive programming in an early childhood setting, implementing Mission Cognition’s Early Childhood Play Based Social Learning Program (EC-PBSL) is recommended.