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Play & Social Skills Groups At Our Center

Here at Mission Cognition, we pride ourselves on getting to know each applicant as a unique, and valued individual, in order to form best fit groups.  Best fit groups are formed according to age, areas of strength and need, and interests and preferences. For many of our participants, they have never had friendships, so pairing our learners with peers they can relate to, feel accepted by, connect with, and share common interests with is not only beneficial to developing social interaction skills, but potentially is also potentially life changing as genuine friendships emerge.
Each group’s structure and routine is highly individualized to best meet the needs of the individual participants in the group. Groups are divided into three primary levels, A, B, C, serving early, intermediate and advanced social learners respectively. Regardless of age, we work to ensure that each group’s unique structure and routine is designed to be developmentally appropriate and representative of a learning environment that sets our participants up for success. The possibilities for growth are endless when we meet our learners where they’re at, follow their motivation, and support them in acquiring the skills that are most functional, relevant and meaningful for them.¬†

Play + Social Group Offerings

Developmental Playgroup

Our preschool participants are served in our developmental playgroup. This service delivery model is focused on building social skills and positive peer to peer interactions skills via a variety of play activities.

Facilitators emphasize the growth of social motivation, initiation, reciprocity and imitation skills while building a functional and social play skills repertoire. Children participate in gross motor time, circle time & rotation through play centers. The ability to play with others lays the foundation for the development of future social skills which are relevant and meaningful to the child.


Adolescent Social Group

Our elementary (adolescent 1) and intermediate (adolescent 2) groups are served in more traditional social skills groups with a behavioral skills training (BST) approach which consists of instruction, modeling, rehearsal & feedback.

Participants practice skills needed to make & maintain friendships through engaging in a variety of activities which have been specifically structured to target specific skills. Target skills include but are not limited to conversation, cooperation & teamwork, emotional regulation, non verbal communication & perspective taking.


Teen & Young Adult Social Groups

Our teens and young adults focus on the skills needed to navigate the increasingly more complex social world. The more our participants are able to communicate wants and needs effectively, employ social problem solving strategies and self advocate, the more opportunities they have for successful inclusion and independence in less restrictive environments.

Topics of instruction and practice include, but are not limited to, relationships and boundaries, internet safety, self advocating, expanding conversational skills, expanding leisure skills repertoire & developing coping skills.


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