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Do you have a child, student, client who seems disinterested in toys or social play activities?

Free time is primarily spent engaging in highly repetitive, restricted, or self stimulatory actions?

Seemingly unaware or unmotivated to engage playfully or socially with others in their environment?

That’s okay! There is no right or wrong way to play. However, a play skills repertoire increases opportunities for children to join in with others and others to join in with them.

It’s through play that additional cognitive, language and social skills can be acquired and taught more “organically.”

Careful though! While it’s said that “Play is the work of a child,”  targeting the development of a play skills repertoire shouldn’t look or feel like work. Play should be FUN!

Join the workshop to learn how to learn your learner with a goal of meeting them where they are and interacting in a way that is safe, comfortable and leads to positive and reciprocal interactions.

Participants will learn the “No Demand Play Invitation Procedure” developed by Mission Cognition and replicated over and over again with the same results. All children want to play and can play when given the right supports.