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Social, Emotional & Behavioral Wellness Center

In person Play & Social Skills Groups at our center

Our highly trained, passionate and committed group of facilitators provide direct service group instruction to participants preschool  through young adult. Since opening our doors in 2013, we have made it our mission to become leaders in the field of behavior analytic play & social skills instruction and will settle for nothing less than our best! To achieve this goal, it is our daily responsibility to  offer the highest quality, most effective service to our community. This means that we are up to date on the research regarding best practices and utilize only conceptually systematic, evidence-based strategies and intervention. This all sounds very clinical, and it is, but our program is so much more than that! We like to refer to our model as "cozy in the front & clinical in the back."  We believe and have demonstrated daily, that sticking with science is not synonymous with boring or no fun. Our most important data is whether or not kids are excited to be with us and peers. Our program is highly interactive & engaging, with an emphasis on play, leisure and natural peer to peer interactions. 

We build skills in our center that really matter in the real world 

because everyone deserves to have positive, meaningful & reciprocal relationships in their lives.

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"Best Fit" Group Placement

Our groups are formed according to age, areas of strength & need, as well as shared interests and preferences. In terms of entry skills, we specifically look at language levels (how does the individual primarily communicate?) level of independence in a group setting, and presence of challenging/disruptive behaviors. We work to include neuro-typical peer buddies/mentors if and when appropriate. We make no distinction to the group regarding who is a peer and who is a participant. The primary groupings identified below, are each broken up into subgroups A, B & C to differentiate instruction for emerging, intermediate and nuanced learners and skills. Each group is highly individualized and comprehensive to meet the needs of each participant in the group. We develop the structure and routine of each group only after all assessments have been reviewed, participants grouped and goals identified. Assessment informs goal development and goal development informs group structure, routine & activity selection.

Play & Social Group Offerings

preschool social group

Developmental Playgroup

Application for Enrollment

Our preschool participants are served in our developmental playgroup. This service delivery model is focused on building social skills and positive peer to peer interactions skills via a variety of play activities. Facilitators emphasize the growth of social motivation, initiation, reciprocity and imitation skills while building a functional and social play skills repertoire. Children participate in gross motor time, circle time & rotation through play centers. The ability to play with others lays the foundation for the development of future social skills which are relevant and meaningful to the child. 

Adolescent Social Group

Application for Enrollment

Our elementary (adolescent 1) and intermediate (adolescent 2) groups are served in more traditional social skills groups with a behavioral skills training (BST) approach which consists of instruction, modeling, rehearsal & feedback. Participants practice skills needed to make & maintain friendships through engaging in a variety of activities which have been specifically structured to target specific skills. Target skills include but are not limited to conversation, cooperation & teamwork, emotional regulation, non verbal communication & perspective taking. 

Teen & Young Adult Social Groups

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Our teens and young adults focus on the skills needed to navigate the increasingly more complex social world. The more our participants are able to communicate wants and needs effectively, employ social problem solving strategies and self advocate, the more opportunities they have for successful inclusion and independence in less restrictive environments. Topics of instruction and practice include, but are not limited to, relationships and boundaries, internet safety, self advocating, expanding conversational skills, expanding leisure skills repertoire & developing coping skills.

I see a group that sounds great for my child! Now what?

The first step in the intake / assessment / enrollment process is the completion of an application. You may access the group application by following the link under your child's age group above. Please allow 72 hours for our team to review your application and follow up with the next steps. If it is determined that your child is a good candidate for social skills group and would benefit from our service delivery model, we will invite you to begin the intake and assessment process. There are no fees associated with the completion of an application. This merely indicates your interest in potential participation. There is a $100 intake/assessment fee which is credited toward your child's tuition should you accept our placement offer. The assessment is utilized to identify individual goals & objectives for your child to work on during their time in group. Included in your session tuition is also access to an online learning portal which may be used directly by your child (dependent upon age/skills) to further practice what we are working on, as well as serve as a family training portal. 

We look forward to connecting with you soon!

What parents are saying

I cannot believe how accurately the instructor described my child after only 2 classes. The groups look really fun and the goals are spot on. My kid loves going and thinks they just play!

Parent 8 year old participant