MC Social Interaction Global Focus Area (SI-GFA) Assessment Manual

This 60 page assessment package provides information to develop a comprehensive, whole picture of an individual’s social behaviors across 15 domains (Global Focus Areas) and 120 components skills.

Information obtained is used to identify the most relevant, functional and meaningful goal for the learner under the umbrella of play and social behavior. The Tool may be used with disabled as well as non disabled individuals preschool – young adult.



The Social Interaction Global Focus Area (SI-GFA) Assessment, consists of three primary components which include:

  • Indirect Assessment: Parent/Caregiver Interview, Participant Questionnaire, & Component Skills Rating Scale
  • Structured Observation Forms
  • Direct Assessment: Play & Social Interactions


This purchase grants access to an e-copy fillable PDF assessment as well as the option to request a mailed hard copy at no additional cost. (International mailings are sent unbound).